What is an Extraordinary Life?

To my husband Patrick and I, an extraordinary life is finding and appreciating things off the beaten path.  It’s eschewing a drab, predictable life.  It’s thinking deeply about important topics, and taking action.  It’s finding new opportunities and interests.  It’s about total wellness in body, mind and spirit.  It’s being financially independent. It’s about deepening our relationship with God, our family, friends and our community.  

That’s not to say any of this is easy!  We are all met with resistance on many fronts, whether it be demanding projects at work, sick kids, questionable political ideas, never ending laundry, or just run of the mill tiredness!  There are so many facets to living an extraordinary life, and we know in our hearts that it is worth rising above the mundane and difficult to live the lives we are born to live, and be the best person we can be.  We hope you join us on our journey as we explore these issues!

Bye for now!





2 thoughts on “What is an Extraordinary Life?

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